Best Cannabis Road Trip

Getting stoned is easy. But getting stoned and having the time of your life requires two things: adventure and nature. What better way to achieve both than road-tripping up the California coast to Hearst Castle? From zebras, horses, llamas and goats that run wild on the estate’s pastures to a European-style castle/home-turned-museum that sits upon a bluff called “Enchanted Hill,” there’s a hell of a lot to get lost in. Obviously DON’T make this drive stoned. But we do recommend eating a low-dose edible (20 milligrams of THC max!) about 15 minutes out, so you’re nice and toasty by the time you arrive. As we always say, there’s no better tripping than road tripping— especially when the plan is having an elevated experience at Hearst Castle.

750 Hearst Castle Rd., San Simeon, (800) 444-4445;

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