Best Cannabis-Delivery Service

It’s ludicrous that cannabis delivery services are outlawed. How can you expect someone who’s bedridden to drive as much as an hour to get medication? Thankfully, as with most things in the industry, being outlawed hasn’t stopped delivery services from operating. The Mint Leaf has one of the largest menus—at least 60 strains, with more than 70 edible options and a selection of tinctures, plus tons of topicals, wax and prerolls, and everything is lab-tested. The knowledgeable staff beats a lot of the local budtenders in terms of calculated recommendations and understanding how cannabis works with the body. The Mint Leaf is also one of the only ways South County folks can get cannabis without having to drive to SanTana—light up THAT!

(949) 257-8544;

Readers’ Choice: Organic OC

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