Best Bowling

When you first walk in, family in tow for an afternoon outing, there’s a nervous moment. With the red-and-black d├ęcor and blaring music, the prices have to be inflated and the food geared toward bored hipsters, right? But then a friendly staff member welcomes you and asks if you have a Groupon or maybe a Facebook discount? And the lanes are bright and clean, outfitted with comfortable lounge areas. The servers are quick and well-versed in what might appease your picky kids. There’s a sports bar with the requisite flat-screen TVs and an interactive arcade, but you’ve come to bowl. So grab some two-toned shoes, choose a candy-colored ball, type in your favorite alias, and show your kids how you kick ass.

2405 Park Ave., Tustin, (714) 258-2695;

Readers’ Choice: Concourse Bowling

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