Best Beat Producer

It’s long been confirmed that the future torchbearers of gangsta rap won’t be concerned with the same sounds as their forefathers. Just check out the music of Long Beach rap duo Crimewave 5150. Though the combination of gory street tales and caustic bars presented by JSNMSK and Yusuf are central to their skills as MCs, we have to give Yusuf his due for mashing up elements of the metal and hardcore he grew up listening to while skateboarding through the city streets. Yusuf’s beats are the perfect soundtrack to a knock-down, drag-out, hip-hop mosh pit, which the group is famous for stirring up among Long Beach’s lit AF millennial hip-hop-heads. If there’s one producer whose skills can cross over to audiences on both sides of the Orange County line, it’s the guy who knows how to craft a beat that can turn any rap concert into a headbanger’s ball.

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