Best Bar for the Geekiest of Geeks

The Lake Forest outpost of Buffalo Wild Wings is one of eight in Orange County, but what makes it special for the geekiest of the geeks is the shear amount of nerd-centric events it hosts. While other bars in Orange County are busy filling TVs with “sport ball” and people beating one another to near-death (all right, this place does that, too), this location is the de facto home base of SoCal eSports, the Orange County organization in charge of running BarCrafts and meet-ups for those who want to watch competitive gaming. And when you're the center of Southern California's competitive-gaming culture, you see a lot of big shots. Blizzard Entertainment staffers have been known to crowd the entire restaurant during the finals of gaming competitions; Michael Morhaime, the company's CEO, has even been spotted courting Asian business partners at such events.

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