Best Band Named After a Beer

Good bands know good beer. Did you know Creedence Clearwater Revival got the “clear water” part of their name from an old TV ad for Olympia beer? And, what about Blue Öyster Cult? Well, their name is almost an anagram for Cully's Stout Beer. Add local quintet Jeramiah Red to the list of awesome beer-named groups. They got their moniker from an Irish-style ale sold at BJ's Restaurants—although the beer is spelled Jeremiah with an E. A couple of the band mates used to work at BJ's and developed an affinity for the brewski, often downing one or two after their shifts ended. They introduced it to their buddies, who dug the beer—and the name. Lead vocalist/guitarist Wes Dickson, guitarist/vocalist Ian Cullen, bassist Tim Miller, drummer Matt Pleskacz and percussionist/harmonica player Travis Ruiz not only can hold their beer, but they also make badass music. Though the guys grew up in Orange County, they all came from very different backgrounds musically, and that diversity helped them form their funky fusion of rock & roll and blues (think: Black Keys). Dickson's powerful, crisp voice commands attention, but it is Ruiz's immaculately executed harmonica riffs that take the songs from good to damn good. Jeramiah Red played some big venues this year—including the OC Fair—and they were nominated for the People's Choice Award and Best Rock Band at the 2011 OC Music Awards. So, beer-band enthusiasts, by all means, continue in your quest to try every beer ever brewed before naming your band, but in the meantime, head to BJ's, buy the ale and listen to these guys.

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