Best Band Merchandise

The well-known Placentia stoner band have scores of albums and several films under their belts. But they've also proven to be masters of merchandising beyond CDs, DVDs with live footage of them playing and plain T-shirts. If you're an athletic stoner, their black-and-green basketball jersey is for you. While you're at it, you can buy some wristbands to keep the sweat from dripping down your hand and onto your doobie after you're done dribbling up and down the court. For the classy stoner, Kottonmouth Kings pin can adorn your suit lapel. Their merch has the ladyfolks covered, too; just pick your color of Kottonmouth King panties. There are also socks, patches, charm bracelets, signed posters, bottle openers, etc. All of this from a band that couldn't even get to Korn levels? Genius!

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