Best Asian Pastries

How to achieve carb nirvana: Stand in the Disneyland-like line outside the glass doors of 85°C Bakery Café in Irvine's Diamond Jamboree. Inhale the buttery aroma of the goodness baking inside. Pass the bakery bouncer, grab a plastic tray and pair of tongs, and go wild. On the well-lit shelves of the airy shop, the first U.S. location of the Taiwanese superchain, an array of straight-from-the-oven wonders awaits—warm, golden tuna Danishes; flaky egg tarts anchored by chewy mochi; just-sweet-enough marble taro bread; blissful squid ink buns made with Vermont sharp Cheddar and garlic paste; hot dogs resting inside spongy sweet rolls; brioche that usually gets snatched up before it's released from the bakers' hands. For lovers of bread and all its sweet and savory accompaniments, the experience can be spiritual. $

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