Best Actress

It's not just that Gable, one of the most-versatile performers in the Orange County storefront-theater scene, effectively pulled off her role in Wallace Shawn's frighteningly intense one-person show. It's that she was onstage in the first place. There aren't many actors who would even consider tackling the role of a person grappling with issues both horrifyingly public and intimately private set in the context of a 90-minute monologue that slithers through some truly twisted corridors of the human psyche. But Gable not only proved her fearlessness with the decision, but also demonstrated some brilliant talent. She made the impossibly smart words and complicated thought processes of Shawn's character seem real, imbuing the character with the fragility and unquenchable curiosity that are essential to making this script more than just a very-well-written rant about the grayest areas of human morality.

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