Benny Hinn Back in Bed With Wife

Awww. Benny Hinn, who lives in a Dana Point home (and God knows how many others) funded by idiots who support his ministry, and his now-formerly estranged wife, Suzanne Hinn, have reconciled, according to the faith healer with bad hair.

Faithful readers will recall that Lady Hinn filed for divorce in early 2010, and that her beau denied allegations that he was dipping his Benny stick in Paula White, a TV preacher-ette with a perky personality and man hands.  Talk about friends with Benny-fits.

Anyway, it appears that the Hinns are back together, at least according to the mister's website. Here's an excerpt from a letter Hinn posted:

“What could have been one of the loneliest Christmases of my life turned out to be one of the most beautiful I have ever experienced. As my children, grandchildren, Suzanne, and I gathered together on Christmas day, I began to sense that our precious Lord Jesus was moving in my family to bring about the healing and reconciliation I have prayed for so long. We laughed together, exchanged gifts, and reminisced about all the wonderful memories of family over the years, and I breathed a simple prayer, “Lord Jesus, protect my family for Your name's sake.”

As many of you know, my wife, Suzanne, and I have been through a difficult season in our life and marriage. And while I am not prepared to make any announcements about what is taking place, I ask that you continue to pray for our family and be watching “This Is Your Day” for some precious news about what God is doing.”

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