Being a Foodie Doesn't Make You a Hipster

I liked food before it was cool.

I remember a time when trying the weirdest thing on the menu was still weird. I remember getting sighs from my friends as we drove miles out of way just to try a new restaurant. Do the same things now and you get street cred instead.

People think my love of food is the defining quality that makes me a “hipster.” Nothing irks me more.


Recently, Huffington Post published an article called, “The 22 Most Hipster Foods On The Planet.” Cauliflower and bacon were on the list. Come on HuffPo editors, those foods have been around for thousands of years. What are you even talking about?

Listen: the term hipster doesn't bother me. If anything, I'm honored anyone thinks I'm trendy enough to deserve such a title. What bothers me is taking my love of food and misinterpreting it as something more than a passion; what bothers me is that someone might think that I love food because it's a cool thing to do.

Let me break down what the differences of the two are:

Defining qualities of hipster:
• A follower of trends who doesn't want to been seen as following trends
• Can we call them “edgy”? They're kind of edgy
• Embraces indie culture
• Stops liking something because it's gone mainstream

Defining qualities of a foodie:
• Can describe what real truffle taste like (no, not the chocolate)
• Knows where to eat in and can recommend a spot based on price and cuisine alone
• Enjoy food trends, but still has a soft spot for classics
• Loves food for the industry, culture, what it brings to people's lives and so much more

These lists can go on, but I'll spare you.

Loving and being knowledgeable about food doesn't make you hipster. Loving and being knowledgeable about food means you love and are knowledgeable about food. Nothing more.

It's possible to be a hipster and not love food. Just because you listen to Minus the Bear, does not mean you like espresso rubbed pork too.

Sure, there are some similarities between the two kinds of people: The ability to spot an upcoming trend, being daring enough to try something different, and having to deal with some general judgment from people who aren't as open minded as you. But please don't confuse some of this crossover as it being the same thing, because it's not.

Stop with the labels and social stigmas already and fall in love with food for what is it, because it's delicious. Everyone should be at least sa little bit of a foodie. This is an Instagram-your-dinner-freely zone.

Now that that's clear, I'm going to put on my thick-framed glasses back on while I eat a gastropub burger. Don't judge me.

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