Beat NY!

Life must be hard for traveling southland sports teams. It would appear that any road game is a bitter rivalry, as chants of “Beat LA!” echo everywhere from the sun-drenched bleachers of Fenway to AT&T Park’s breezy right field. Therefore, it must be nice to come home to some positive deafening—the kinds of cheers that refrain from mentioning hitting slumps or unforced errors. As the season closes, casual fans who ignored the first 135 games can start paying attention to the unexpected contenders and inevitable meltdowns that come with September baseball. And with the Bombers visiting, fans are bound to get hoarse, reminding overpaid pinstripers about their immoral/illegal social pursuits. Now’s the time to delouse the Rally Monkey because it looks like Anaheim will be hosting some October baseball.

Mon., Sept. 8, 7:05 p.m., 2008

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