Barrett Johnson's “Portraits” Featured in ABC's “Private Practice”

Burly and bald-shaven, Orange acoustic songwriter Barrett Johnson looks like a tough guy. Listen to his songs, though, and you get the image of a dude who's sensitive, smart and perpetually heartbroken. We're not saying tough guys can't be all those things, just that, well, you don't expect them to be.


You also don't expect them to write songs that show up in prime-time TV drama spun off from Grey's Anatomy. But Johnson surprises again: His ballad “Portraits” played soundtrack for a portion of last night's episode of ABC's Private Practice
If, for some reason, you're not a devoted watcher, you can skip forward to about the 18-minute mark of the episode here to see the confluence of effective songwriting and embarrassing overacting. Or spare yourself the Sprint ads and just listen to the song at Johnson's MySpace
Hat tip to KUCI's Ashley Eliot, a.k.a., who we assume is Private Practice's number one fan.

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