Adrienne Barbeau’s sex symbol status has always been divisive. People either covet her, or they just don’t get it. This iconic badass babe was never particularly known for her acting skills, as most of the attention was paid to her brick-house-stacked bod and evil woman puss that was a far cry from the doe-eyed nymphs that usually elicited lustful fantasies. In fact, she was even a brunette! Still, as sultry DJ Stevie Wayne in then-hubby John Carpenter’s The Fog, and Maggie the Moll in his Escape from New York, Barbeau embodied the no-nonsense-hard-to-get ultra vixen image that would follow her through the rest of her career, including shrewish wives in Creepshow and Back to School, and a not-too-easily-seduced scientist in Wes Craven’s exceptionally fun Swamp Thing. The High Priestess of cult hasn’t quit working and is making an OC stop to promote her new novel, Vampyres of Hollywood. Check out the still-smokin’ 63-year-old—and maybe try to talk her into going on Dancing with the Stars . Any job that requires low-cut gowns will work.

Wed., Oct. 29, 7 p.m., 2008

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