Bad Weather California

By the time you read this, Bad Weather California will be, well, not totally gone, but close enough to feel the breeze from the exit. After a brief-ish career that saw this Colorado band push through lots of line-up switchery and transit their sound from a sorta Lou Reed/Jonathan Richman deadpan Americana to reverbed left-of-the-dial indie pop—if there’s any heart left in “college rock,” these guys found it and willed it back to life—they’re headed gracefully into that great New Arrivals bin in the sky. Swan song EP Back Seats is available at shows, and it’s a sweet one. Say good night, guys. They play with the Bratmobile-y/B-52s-y surf-punk maniacs Sauna, who should definitely visit Burger Records HQ before this show.

Sat., Aug. 24, 9 p.m., 2013

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