Bad Boss

This goes out to you, my asshole boss: It's bad enough I work at a sexist, cheap, dressing-like-Tiger Woods internal-computer-infrastructure-is-falling-apart office-supply company that pays exactly $8 per hour for a skill set that used to be associated with a middle-class living. You are the worst boss I've ever worked for. Your excessive rambling on the radio headsets we are required to wear causes me headaches and distracts me from my actual job responsibilities. You have the gall to ask me how my weekend went. Guess what? I earn $315 every two weeks. HOW DO YOU THINK MY WEEKEND WENT? Asshole. Then, when I was there by myself, which is against company policy, and was overwhelmed by the number of customers needing my help, you tried to help (bless your little heart). Then it got too confusing, and you ditched me, saying later you were needed elsewhere in a store that was dead except for my department. You went on to state in the same conversation that you were taking Christmas week off while everyone else had to work for extremely low wages. Go fuck yourself.

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