Autechre, Why You Gotta Mess with Our Minds So?

Quaristice is the name; fucking up minds is the game.

All I wanted to do was to see where in North America Autechre would be touring in support of their forthcoming album, Quaristice (out March 3 on Warp Records). So I went to the British duo's MySpace page. That seemed like a logical move.

As you can see, once you load their page, you're assaulted with a contemptuous visual “remix” of the wack MySpace template. Ocular chaos ensues. It's a-freakin-maze-in'. And the sounds perfectly complement the retina-raping graphics, too.

After some fruitless web surfing over the next 24 hours, I clicked upon those old reliables at Pitchfork, who published the complete Autechre tour sched today (April 4 at Echoplex is the closest they come to OC).

Do not ever miss a chance to see Autechre live, especially if you're curious about genius electronic music surrealism. Autechre are not only ahead of the curve, they're the scientists who are calibrating it. Here's a feature I wrote for The Stranger during Autechre's last jaunt through our continent. I stand by every syllable.

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