Australian Electronic Artist Pogo On Being Jailed And Banned from the USA: 'It Was Proper Incarceration, Courtesy of The Agency Group'

According to Australian remix superstar Pogo (AKA Nick Bertke), he has been banned from the United States for ten years due to, he says, The Agency Group's inability to provide him with the proper travel documents for his September 2011 tour. The Perth-based artist spent a total of three weeks in U.S. custody thanks to this mind-boggling fuck-up.


For those of you less informed, I have just spent three weeks in US custody. Two in a county jail, and one in a federal detention centre. It was proper incarceration, courtesy of The Agency Group and their failure to provide me with the correct travel documents for my September tour in 2011. The moment they heard the news, they removed me from their list of clients and never communicated with me again. I'm not one to set fire to people's reputations, but wow, I was unimpressed with these people to put it mildly.

I want to express my sincerest gratitude to the many people who offered me their support. My mother took it upon herself to keep everyone up to date on Facebook, the forums have been writhing with outrage, Jessica Terry at the New Zealand Consulate in New York went to great lengths to expedite my deportation, and I received an innumerable amount of letters from everybody that brought me much joy in an emotionally arduous time of my life. Thank you so much, everybody. I hope to have everything back to normal within the next few days!

But everything isn't back to normal; Pogo just posted on his blog that he's been banned from the U.S. for ten years. He even posted his deportation documents to prove it:

Pogo's full report of what happened is forthcoming on his PogoMix blog. A rep from The Agency Group's L.A. office declined to comment for this story.

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