Au Cœur de Paris Bakery Opening Second Location

The best French bakeries in Orange County are concentrated in Little Saigon, and the best among those is a little bakery hidden next to a corner liquor store in Westminster. We've done our damndest to shout their name from the Weekly HQ rooftops, and apparently it's working. Au Cœur de Paris Bakery, our Editorial Best Bakery of 2013 and 2011, is expanding to a second location in Garden Grove.


We stumbled upon their “opening soon” banner in a part of town better known for the original location of the Boiling Crab empire. The strip mall adjacent to it contains Au Coeur's second storefront.

Staff at the current location optimistically tell us they plan on opening in December, and that the offerings will be identical in scope and quality as it is now. We don't doubt their ability to deliver premium quality. It's not the sort of high-volume discount bakery that offers a buy-2-get-1-free deal on baguettes. You'll pay marginally more than Banh Mi Che Cali or Boulangerie Pierre, but you'll know where your money goes.

But December? We doubt it. Local permitting authorities have pulled the football out from underneath us far too many times to believe they'll shuffle papers that quickly. Government employees have three major holidays to slack off through before the end of the year while the food service industry busts its ass.

“Coming soon” is not soon enough in this case.

Au Cœur de Paris Bakery.
14221 N. Euclid St. Unit B, Garden Grove
9441 Edinger Ave. Westminster. 714-775-8465.

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