At Your Local Supermarket- Phony “Aussie” Beer

PhotobucketG’day, mate! Got some bad news for you.

That “Australian” beer, the Foster’s lager you’ve been buying in the big blue can, or bottle, for years at your local Ralphs/Albertsons/Smart N Final? The one with the kangaroo on it? And the new Foster’s, in the big green cans that say “Special Bitter” and “Foster’s Premium Ale?”

They’re about as Australian as grits and fried armadillo. They’re brewed in Albany, Georgia and Fort Worth, Texas by “Oil Can Breweries,” a front for (I find this difficult to even write) Miller, purveyor of one of the crappier American crap beers, Miller Lite – which rhymes with shite for a good reason.

Probably why you no longer see the word “Imported” on the Foster's product. Though that was an advertising duplicity for many years, anyway. The lager’s taste changed about a decade ago, when it started being brewed in Canada “under the supervision of Foster’s Australia Ltd.” Technically it was imported – just not from Down Under.

Now, when your original population was thieves, rapists, muggers and people convicted of sexual relations with farm animals, you’re not expected to be a fount of honesty and integrity. But lying about the provenance of your beer? That, pal, is a hanging offense.

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