Asiana Martini at Kimera Restaurant Lounge

Kimera Restaurant Lounge, located near the Irvine Business Complex, attracts mostly young professionals looking for a place to unwind after work. The extensive drink menu here covers wines, beers and specialty cocktails, and the kitchen is open relatively late.

The highlight of the drink menu is Kimera's Asiana martini. This martini tastes more like a fruit juice than anything else and will leave you feeling refreshed instead of with a headache. It is pricey, though, at $8.75. It's made with vanilla vodka, pear, elderflower and passion fruit juices; the alcohol and juice mixture is shaken and then strained as it's poured into a martini glass with a cherry waiting at the bottom. The high proportion of fruit juice in the Asiana makes this martini enjoyable at any time of day.


Erin, one of Kimera's bartenders, gave us the scoop on the best and worst of their drink menu (such honesty is always much appreciated). She recommened the Soho Lychee martini for a second drink, and it was just as tasty as the first–only with more alcohol!

The atmosphere of Kimera makes it easy to enjoy any martini off the menu: a large bar and lounge area, but also an outdoor smoking area with a large fireplace. And don't forget to hold onto your valet or parking structure ticket because Kimera provides free validation.

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