Artistic Endowment

The hipsterati's white rapper of choice, Mickey Avalon has also become one of pop culture's most hated figures. It's predictable, of course, for a certain kind of music aficionado (and critics who think they're hype-proof) to heap scorn upon a scrawny, homely schmuck whose sleazy steez has mystifyingly gained him a harem of hot women and the love of people who take Paris Hilton seriously. But through YouTube omnipresence and lurid subject matter, this emcee of meager lyrical gifts and flawed flow has ascended to notoriety. Nevertheless, one can give Avalon a pass for “My Dick,” his hilarious spoof of rappers' hyperbolic phallic braggadocio and vicious disses of their peers.
Wed., July 23, 9 p.m., 2008

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