Artist Scott Thorberg Hosted A Sweet Leaf Society Event

Hugo Polo, Riley Collins, and friend.

One of the greatest things about the evolution of this weed game is the fact that you never know who’s in it or supports the cause, so it took no one by surprise when artist Scott Thorberg had cannabis vendors posted in the back lot of his space for a Sweet Leaf Society event.

“I’m doing a good, cool movement for something I believe in,” Thorberg said. “That is to lease an event space to a different cause, something the world kind of needs, ya know? We need a little more healing and naturally.”

On Friday (July 21) Honey Tree Medicinal held their fourth learn and grow event, this time at Thorberg’s studio in Costa Mesa. At first all your attention was immediately drawn to Hugo Polo of Honey Tree’s metallic gold Lexus, that the small registration table was almost unnoticeable. But once the plethora of weed goodies waiting past that came into view, the daydreams ended and regaining focus was a snap.

Hugo Polo’s number one advertisement.

“I’ve actually created one accident and three police officers pulled over three people trying to do their videos of my car while I’m driving down on freeway,” Polo said. “But we’re here giving awareness to people that might have some difficulty sleeping, eating, cancer, AIDs, and . . . they’re dealing with overpriced medication, we can give them some sort of relief knowing they got some really good product from us and they can afford it.”

Bailey’s CBD, Scorpion 420, Flight, Honey Tree Medicinal and Granny-B Goods, were among the dozen companies that came out, all eager to show, sell or explain the reasons why their product is better than their competition. But anyone starting to get on information overload, thankfully, a nice little “joint enjoyment” area equipped with a cozy couch, director chairs and a serene setting welcomed you.

Other than the consumption area, my favorite part was the guest interaction; upon arrival we were given raffle tickets. Micheal Teague of Scorpion and his wife Laura Jordan drew numbers and gave out all kinds of weed products throughout the day, mingling with guests, conversing, and shaking hands. Thorberg opened his studio, so that we could experience his art, which is so unique with such depth that it fell perfectly in line with the theme for the evening.

Everyone sipped on champagne, wine and beer while satisfying sweet teeth with cookies and chocolate cupcakes. Scorpion made refreshing sangria with cut up fruit and infused with their Scorpion Punch THC juice. And while it didn’t exactly pair well with Granny Goods’ caramel or ginger cookies, they were equally delicious.

Riley Collins of Honey Tree had all the important information in regards to clones, but mainly their maintenance needs to ensure they yield amazing flower is what people wanted to know most. The Terminator was also set up, ready to demonstrate the process to turn flower into kief and of course everyone was doing dabs.

“The purpose of the event is networking, sharing with people, gross selling and showing our art,” Laura Jordan said. “You can share with other people, come and enjoy, try different brands, it’s all about networking and having a good time.”

Honey Tree Medicinal proves events don’t have to be massive for people to receive the same message, learn a lot or have an awesome time.

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