Art for Lunch: Leonora Carrington

The personal life of painter Leonora Carrington is nearly as interesting as her engaging, cleverly bizarre work. She’s one of the few females in the male-dominated world of surrealism, and also one of the only remaining living figures of the movement (she turns 93 in a couple of weeks). Born in Britain, she’s lived in Mexico for decades and had a relationship with fellow surrealist Max Ernest that ended with Carrington being institutionalized by her parents (and you thought you’ve had bad break-ups!). All of these things are why she’s a perfect candidate for the Museum of Latin American Art’s “Art for Lunch” series, where museum-goers will look at her art, talk about her career and eat some lunch—as culturally well-balanced as a midday can get.

Fri., March 26, noon, 2010

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