Around the World in Seven Venues, at Filter's Culture Collide Festival

Cloning won't be necessary to see every band participating in the Culture Collide Festival in Los Angeles. Through some organizational tic-tac-toe, a number of the acts play multiple shows over the next four days scattered around the east side. Despite the abundance of gigs, those who don't strategize may end up in concert Groundhog Day, seeing the same bands over and over instead of sampling the exotic sounds of Finland, New Zealand, and Brooklyn. The obvious itinerary probably includes Black Lips, Tokyo Police Club, Sea Wolf, White Lies, and Klaxons, but after the jump, a guide to bands from distant continents worth visiting.


El Guincho (Spain)

Casio Kids (Norway)

Monotonix (Israel)

Kordan (Peru via Brooklyn)


Stadt (Poland)

Land Of Talk (Canada)

Besnard Lakes (Canada) on Friday at the Echoplex

Zebra and Snake (Finland)



Voxhaul Broadcast (Los Angeles)

Nive Nielsen and the Deer Children (Greenland)

Jacuzzi Hi-Dive (Las Vegas)

KXP (Finland)

Capsula (Spain)

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