Armin Van Buuren – Sutra – 5/28/12

Armin Van Buuren



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Last night, Memorial Day Weekend (more like week) made its big finish in Orange County at the swanky, Sutra Nightclub in Costa Mesa. Number one DJ in the world Armin Van Buuren invaded OC with his electrifying new progressive trance sound to rock an incredible Memorial Day party. As part of night six of the club's special event, “Road to EDC,” Identity Management Group and Insomniac Events brought out all their tricks to make sure it was a night to remember.


The Sutra 5+1 logo illuminated the wall of the building like the bat-signal informing the city there was a sign of distress. But in this case, the only distress we can think of is how worn out and exhausted club goers, music fans and party people are this morning after the week- long celebration of events in town. Despite all the raging however, the club was packed with electronic music dance fans waiting to see this trance-god show us how the Dutch party.

Right away, Van Buuren started his set with the progressive new track “We Are Here To Make Some Noise” as gold confetti fell from the sky and girls held up giantĀ  lettersĀ  that spelled out A-R-M-I-N behind him. Female fans screamed in excitement, guys threw their Jersey Shore fist pumps in the air and the champagne flowed freely. Armin gave us a taste of lots of new music like Gareth Emery's “The Saga” which features lyrics like “the mother fucking saga continues” to a very different hardstyle sound that most trance fans aren't used to yet. He proved that he is still an innovator in the electronic dance music world and can keep up with the ever-changing sounds and demands in EDM right now.

Of course he made sure to please the crowd with songs they're used to, like the ASOT 550 opener “The Fusion” by Omnia & Ira and his hit “Not Giving Up On Love.” The LED walls played his videos in the background and the lyrics to popular hits like “Fine Without You” as Van Buuren threw up his hands and heart signals to the crowd. By the time he played W&W's “Impact,” a random girl had gotten on the go-go box topless, dollar bills and napkins where thrown in the crowd and Grey Goose was spilling everywhere. The energy was incredible as the music blaring was pure heaven.

As Armin continued to give the crowd melodies like “Burned With Desire” blended in with harder hitting tracks like Gareth Emery's “Tokyo,” you couldn't help but take a step back from all the jumping up and down on couches, fist pumping in the crowd and occasional shuffling to be in awe of how masterfully he can get an entire room hypnotized with music. Coming from gigs at Marquee Nightclub in Las Vegas the night before and the Tao Beach Pool Party that afternoon, he gracefully put together his set like he's been partying across the globe for years. Ending the night with the beautiful “Going Wrong” Van Buuren showed OC what a real international world renowned DJ should sound like.

Critical Bias: I'll admit to being a trance family lover, so getting to see one of my favorite DJs play such an intimate venue was like a dream come true.

Crowd: Typical bottle service rats, old school trance lovers, new ravers, party people and everything in between. Literally.

Overheard: These two tall, basketball player-looking guys saying “I don't even know who this is, but it sounds dope.”

Random Notebook Dump: Whoever said they should start Memorial Day Weekend parties on Tuesday needs to be fired immediately because my feet hate you for making me dance my ass off for a week straight in 5 inch heels!

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