Anniversary Specials at the Chippy Fish & Chips Through Wednesday

Dollar menus are so 2009. If you're a non-chain, how about a $2 menu? It's about as rare as the $2 bill. But The Chippy Fish & Chips is celebrating two years of deep-fried Irvine happiness this week. Hurry–there are only two days left to catch the deal. Details after the jump!

If you are accessible to the unassuming food courts surrounding John Wayne Airport, this is a port worth docking yer ship at. Six menu items are part of the deal. A half-portion of its fish & chips, mentioned in last year's 100 Favorite Dishes, is a steal. Clam chowder and onion rings are also on sale, but better to clog your precious arteries with seafood. There's even a half-order of chicken Caesar (if you're with someone eating healthy, I guess?). Chippy shrimp and coconut shrimp round out the specials.

Sure, it's a cramped parking lot and matching food court, to boot. Give yourself an extra few minutes to account for that. While you're waiting, load up on that addictive tartar sauce Yelpers rave about–or maybe it's more Sriracha, lemon or malt vinegar for you. By the way, it's only open for lunch.

The Chippy Fish & Chips (inside Palm Cafe Food Court), 2222 Michelson Dr., Ste. 216, Irvine, (949) 833-2322.

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