Andrew Santino

Word of warning to the Irvine Improv's Thursday night audience: If you're an attractive, single woman, do not sit in the front row. Andrew Santino, the ginger-haired comedian headlining tonight, might make you a cringe-worthy part of his standup act. (Check out some of his YouTube clips to see what we mean). But what we do like about this comedian/actor/producer is the way he's able to walk the razor-fine line between affable observation comedy man and asshole insult comic. Some of the shit he says should make his audience furious (or at least moderately offended), but it doesn't. Maybe that's because there's an easy-going tone in his delivery that reassures everyone it's all in good fun. Check him out tonight and see what we mean.

Thu., April 17, 8 p.m., 2014

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