Anaheim's WonderCon is All About TV, Film and Superhero Babes

This weekend at the Anaheim Convention Center 60,000 people will shape shift into their favorite comic characters. We're not just talking about Batman and Luke Skywalker wannabes trick-or-treating and scaring your children as they drunkly inquire about Milk Duds. We're talking about the original lovers of Walking Dead, Archie, Preacher, and Saga. Similar to its big brother ComicCon, which began in 1970, WonderCon not only appeals to lovers of comics but also movies, TV shows, toys and gaming.

Each year writers and producers in those industries shed light on character development, plot, and even present unreleased footage to fans. This year at the 4th annual WonderCon we look forward to the exclusive world premiere of Batman vs. Robin and retrospective panels from Back to the Future and Superman. As we begin to see a large shift in TV shows appealing to comic fans, we also see a TV-heavy lineup scheduled for this weekend: The Flash, iZombie, Teen Titans Go!, Gotham, Wayward Pines, The Last Ship, American Odyssey, Salem, Orphan Black, and The Last Man on Earth.


Interested in getting it on with the ladies dressed like Emma Frost or Mystique? Show off your skills at the Nintendo tournament sessions. Sign up at their booth for a chance to be one of the 32 players selected, at random. Playable games within the booth include: Splatoon, Code Name: S.T.E.A.M., The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D, Puzzle & Dragons Z + Puzzle & Dragons Super Mario Bros. Edition, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, and Xenoblade Chronicles 3D.

As for film, Warner Bros. and Blumhouse are scheduled to present upcoming movie clips throughout the weekend. Blumhouse has publicly announced the presentation of Unfriended and Insidious 3. Warner Bros. is rumored to release the trailer for Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice on Saturday. Another spotlighted event on Saturday's roster is, the winner of the 2015 Academy Award for Best Animated Feature, Big Hero 6's head of story Joe Mateo, Brian Kesinger, and Normand Lemay will discuss how Disney Animation brings stories to life.

Aside from the unprecedented people watching and perfectly curated events throughout the weekend you should also keep eye out for local comic shops like Nuclear Comic's Kenny Jacobs, who just a few months ago celebrated 20 years in business. He is a regular at WonderCon and this year he will be posted at booth 624!

While 3-day passes and Saturday's single day admission are sold out there are still tickets available for Friday, the 3rd and Sunday, the 5th. To purchase create a ComicCon ID and follow this link. For the complete programming schedule and times click here.

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