An Open Letter From Fans to Angels GM Tony Reagins

Dear Tony,

What's up? How are you today? Feeling a little heat no doubt. Sorry about that, but you know how the old saying goes, if you can't stand the heat…

I'm writing today as the voice of all Angels fans. What gives me that right? Well, nothing in particular, I just felt like writing and proclaiming myself the voice of all Angels fans, so I did.


See, the thing is TR–can I call you TR?–the fans I talk to are a
little upset. They are mad at the teams play thus far, the lack of any
real ace in the starting lineup, the bullpen, the lack of bench. In
short, they are mad at you!

I get that your job is tough and you are doing the best you can with what you have, but still, you couldn't do any better than two 35-year-olds to play the outfield and/or DH? You didn't see the lack of bullpen depth as a problem? Isn't that your job, TR?

We as fans understand that the Angels' payroll dipped from last years $113,709,000 to a paltry $105,013,667 this year. What kind of team can you field for a measly $105M anyway? See though, that's the problem, TR, the Dodgers' payroll this year is $94,945,517 and they are somehow managing a winning record.

Ouch, sorry, didn't mean to hit below the belt. But you know, don't shoot the messenger.

The fact is, the Angels' payroll this year is the eighth highest in MLB, fifth highest in the AL. Angels fans expect a little more for that kinda coin. 

In a way, you are a victim of your success. Since you took over for Bill Stoneman the Angels have won their division every year. That's pretty darn impressive, but now we expect the same every year.The Teixeira deal was ballsy. No one here believes Stoneman would have pulled the trigger on that one, but you did TR, you did.

I think it might be time to consider loading up that trading-gun again.

The Angels have the feel of a team thats close. Some statistics swing in their favor… others, not so much. They have been a pretty boring club this year, very plain vanilla. When you add a 'lil carmel and a cherry to a bowl of vanilla though, you have something to get excited about, right?

TR, find us the caramel and cherry. A little whipped cream would be nice, too, just saying.

Most Angels fans may not be aware that you worked your way up to the top in the Halo organization after starting as an intern! You've certainly paid your dues. You now have job security, which is pretty rare in sports, and a top position for one of the most successful clubs in MLB over the last decade. Well done!

The honeymoon, however, is over.

We need you to work. We need to hear from you. We need to know what your vision is. We need to know who you are looking at in the way of potential trade or a call up. We need to hear from you.

Speaking of potential call ups, looks like you won't be making the call to bring up last year's 10th round pick Jake Locker anytime soon. You signed him to a six-year $250,000 contract last year and now comes word that Locker wants to concentrate on football.


Sure, there are out-clauses that protect some of the $250K, but this gaffe doesn't look too good, TR. It's not that he choose football over baseball, it's that you were caught off guard by the decision. All we got from you when news broke was that this was “news to [you].”

If the Angels were in first place while dominating their competition, this would nary warrant a mention. Well, they aren't, so this just looks like another black-eye right now. Maybe you need to call Locker and tell him how you were a big-shot football player too until you took a big hit in practice. A week in the hospital opened your eyes–no one ever tried to knock your teeth out playing baseball.

Bottom-line, buddy: it's time to earn that paycheck. Angels fans are behind you, but pretty soon, they might be looking to push you out the door, instead of patting you on the back.

Just saying.

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