American Royalty

Los Angeles trio American Royalty discovered that between couch surf-recording and tinkering with vintage instruments at their studio, they found a glowing spot between funk, rock and electro. Vocalist duo Marc Gilfry and Billy Scher match their voices to create a sound thats high and smooth and more warehouse than Broadway. Songs like “Sharper,” a strange, dreamy folk entity, spotlight the group's thinly veiled line between human and digital noises, while “Levrolution” is our best bet with pulsating synths and a heady melody. American Royalty's live shows promise as just much unlikely combination as their tracks—crazy stage setups and obscure musical improvisation make for a thrillingly unpredictable concert experience. Check them out this week as they share a bill with San Diego garage psych band Tropical Popsicle.

Sat., June 16, 9 p.m., 2012

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