Allah-Las – The Observatory – December 13, 2014

The Observatory

A girl with a seahorse ear cuff and silk mushroom scarf around her neck held her tall boy cerveza in the air screaming as the Allah-Las assumed their positions onstage. “We locked eyes at an underground bar in Venice when I saw them play last! They're soo dreamy,” a fan shared with her friend in the crowd of the band's Constellation Room show on Saturday. Longhaired surfer boys sporting their dad's hand-me-down t-shirts nodded in agreement. A fan who leaned up against the bar added, “the Allah-Las played at my wedding at the Natural History Museum!”

Spencer Dunham (bass), Matthew Correia (percussion), Pedrum Siadatian (lead guitar) and Miles Michaud (vocals + guitar) performed some of their best tunes over the weekend, including favorites like “No Werewolf”, “Busman's Holiday”, “Follow You Down”, “Buffalo Nickel,” “No Voodoo,” and “Da Vita Voz.” They sipped whiskey out of clear plastic cups between songs and the smell of cigarettes and marijuana covered the clothes of audience members. The band moved on to perform, “Calm Me Down” a Human Expression cover that had the crowd moshing for no apparent reason, “Tell Me (What's On Your Mind)” featuring tambourines and the melodica (as known as the pianica or blow-organ) and “Better Than Mine.”


Next up, they performed “Artifacts” and a rowdy audience member jumped on the stage and danced alongside Michaud playing the air guitar and throwing his long hair every which way. The band laughed but didn't mind sharing the spotlight, the fan jumped off the stage into the crowd just before they began “Catamaran” a favorited track from their 2012, self-titled album.

There was also plenty of crowd surfing weaved throughout their performance. Tiny girls and groms were lifted in the air and passed around gently as if they were floating on a cloud, quite fitting for the band's vibe.

In addition to tracks from their debut, we were treated to a bunch of new songs from their recently released album,Worship The Sun, that they just finished touring throughout Europe. The LA-based band, that formed in 2008 after working together at Amoeba Music in Hollywood, faced a sold out crowd in the Constellation Room, concluded the last night of their tour by performing “Long Journey” and “Every Girl.”

With a sound similar to Ariel Pink + The Zombies and an aesthetic like The Beatles, the Allah-Las are the masters of California cool, producing a set full of perfectly in-tune harmonies, guitar and percussions demonstrating that music is not just a hobby it's a passion and a lifestyle for these guys. Each member contributes a unique skill-set and that is why they have a raw, psychedelic, surf-rock quality that melted the hearts of listeners tonight and that will be sure to gain viral attention in no time.

Check out their music produced by Nick Waterhouse under his label Innovative Leisure!

Set List
No Werewolf
Busman's Holiday
Follow You Down
Buffalo Nickel
No Voodoo
De Vida Voz
Sacred Sands
Had It All
Ferus Gallery
Calm Me Down (Human Expressions Cover)
Tell Me (What's On Your Mind)
Better Than Mine

Long Journey
Every Girl

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