Gudetama x Curry House Collaboration Kicks Off Tomorrow!

While we frolicked around Tanaka Farms last month, one thought crossed our mind, “Where’s Gudetama?” Nevermind that it (Sanrio informed us, unlike Hello Kitty, Gude is gender neutral) is a lazy egg; it’s been our favorite character since Pochacco. Well, now we know where they’ve been— at Curry House planning their newest dining collaboration since Plan Check. Starting the 20th through mid-January, you can get your eggy-themed eats on at all Curry House locations (Yes, even Cupertino). But first, flip over your kawaii placemat and start coloring!

Before your quartet of courses starts, be prepared to answer two questions: “What would you like to drink?” and “Do you want the vegetarian option?” Their iced green tea had a mild sweetness, so we switched to the tropical one with lemon squeeze. Yep, a beverage is included! In lieu of a meaty sauce, there’s an optional tofu version. Just be sure to request it upon ordering. We chose not to photograph the initial salad course, because salad? But if you scroll down to the end you’ll also find it in the promotional pic. So don’t freak out on us, okay?

Up next: A mug of creamy corn potage, plus Curry House’s scratch-made custard pudding finished with caramel sauce. These cutie patooties were creamy, jiggly and dense with flavor. Okay, we spent too much time photographing these to fully appreciate them— but can you blame this brekkie fan?

According to Curry House, their unique version of Japanese curry is a “burst of 25 specially chosen herbs and spices simmered with premium quality vegetables.” Served over white rice, our Keema Curry is made up of premium ground beef mixed with with a boatload of veggies. Super comforting, we were glad there wasn’t a creepy guy in yellow bodysuit dancing nearby(Gudetama fans know what we mean).

With $29 pricing, this meal set includes a unisex black beanie to rock your Gudetama wherever you go. For all that you are served, we thought it was a very reasonable deal. Oh, and Snapchat users should utilize the Curry House/Gudetama filter for your favorite shots. We heart you, Sanrio!

In Orange County, Curry House is located in Cypress and Irvine.

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