Agenda Trade Show Brings the Best in Street Wear to Long Beach NEXT WEEK

Streetwear fanatics, gather ’round for the bi-annual Agenda Trade Show at the Long Beach Convention Center next Wednesday and Thursday, June 29th-30th.  Agenda exhibits over 750 brands ranging in categories of lifestyle, streetwear, contemporary, women’s, apothecary, action sports, outdoor, footwear, surf and skate. What began in 2003 as a modest event with a small gathering of 30 brands has since transformed into the highly anticipated lifestyle fashion exhibit that attracts about 10,000 buyers, media, distributors, and fashion influencers from around the world. 

Aside from fresh fabrics and kicks, Agenda also features marketing events, networking and brand building conferences along with industry parties. Forget LA & New York Fashion Week: Agenda is the hottest ticket for the true-blooded streetwear head. 

As with many fashion shows, exclusivity is still key: Agenda only allows distributors, press, approved exhibitors and industry insiders into the eagerly awaited event. So time to hit up your most well-connected homies and get that hook up going NOW! See you there!

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