Afghan Restaurant Chili Chutney Relocates

We're a little late in reporting the news, but Chili Chutney, the only Afghan restaurant in Orange County, moved to a larger location in Lake Forest on June 1. Their mantu were #41 in 2011's 100 Favorite Dishes. If you go to their original hole-in-the-wall location in the auto-body-shop industrial ghetto of Lake Forest, you may find their old storefront being redecorated.

An employee at the new restaurant says they're keeping the first location, but we don't really know why they'd need to keep it. The new store has an expanded menu, and about 20 times more space. Lunch with your co-workers, and marvel at the miscegenation of food culture that happens in a crossroads nation like Afghanistan.

Chili Chutney. 24301 Muirlands Blvd # A, Lake Forest. (949) 859-1778.

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