Adult Zine Workshop

One of the more interesting things that’s happened during the digital age is the resurrection of handmade, self-published magazines, or zines. Against the influx of high-tech news and entertainment outlets, zines offer something personal, tangible and odd to hold on to. Reena Rosales has been publishing “Luna in Tuna” through Three Amigos Press or 60 issues now, and the zine’s been so popular that it’s carried at Barnes and Noble and the OC Library, among other venues. Featuring stories such as “Dogs that sacrificed themselves during the Blitzkrieg in order to destroy the Nazis,” and “Why CDs Suck,” the zine is not slick, doesn’t allow you to comment (unless you write on your issue with a pen), or click to like. To find out more about zines, and how to make your own, come hear Rosales talk about the wonderful world of low-tech. Googling not included.

Sat., Jan. 17, 3 p.m., 2015

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