Adult Chocolate Milk, Our Drink of the Week

About two weeks ago, Edwin spotted a pallet of Adult Chocolate Milk in Costco. I also witnessed that same gigantic stack of bottles right by the entrance and had to try it out.

It's a 40-proof-vodka beverage packaged in a retro glass bottle with a swing-top lid–the spiked version of your favorite childhood drink.

After the initial excitement wore off, I was left wondering why something with “milk” in the name did not need to be refrigerated, but that's a question for the Adult Chocolate Milk founders (who happen to be OC natives), since the recipe is being kept a secret.

So, does Adult Chocolate Milk–introduced by the Adult Beverage Co.–taste as good as it looks?

Sort of.

Served over ice, it tastes more like drinking Baileys than a glass of chocolate milk. It will end up being best used as an element in a cocktail rather than on its own, which is a little disappointing. But if you buy it more for the novelty factor, you'll be completely satisfied.

I will be on the lookout to try their other products in development: Adult Orange Cream (described as a “40-proof Orange Julius”), Adult Fruit Punch and Adult Limeade. We'll have to see if these drinks can live up to their names better than Adult Chocolate Milk.

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