Adios, Amiga [Hey, You!]

You are the former friend I recently reconnected with after not speaking to you for three years. Didn't take me long to find out you are still a self-pitying, negative person who thinks the world revolves around your losses and misfortunes. Very ironic that you would tell me I don't understand reality when I work and volunteer with the public and you stay at home, living off the husband's money. Also very ironic that you'd tell me I'm “single-minded” when you're the one who bemoans your miscarriages to the point that you alienate friends, but you think of adoption as a last resort for starting a family. Good luck with your entitled attitude. Giving a home to other people's unwanted children is NOT beneath you. Get over yourself. I'm sick of women whose lives revolve around making copies of themselves while ignoring the plight of other children. Glad we unfriended each other.

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