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The same day we published R. Scott Moxley’s damning story on the cozy financial relationship Orange County Republican politicos like Adam Probolsky (who was pictured there and here) has with Larry Agran, Irvine’s supposedly liberal Boss Hogg, the Orange County Register published Probolsky’s column titled “Getting to Know Irvine Councilman Larry Agran.”

It’s corrupto-kismet, baby!

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Mox’s reporting shows how certain Republican operatives and businessmen like Patrick B. Strader, a wealthy lobbyist for Irvine Great Park developer Heritage Fields El Toro LLC, Dave Gilliard of the California Homeowners Association, and Probolsky, a GOP push pollster who berated Agran as a socialist before the Great Park gravy train rolled into town, are in cahoots with the longtime mayor/councilman/Great Park chairman.  

And so, we had to pick our jaw up off the table three or four times upon reading this in Probolsky’s piece:

Once described as, “The most durable and effective local elected official in Orange County,” Agran is an Irvine institution. He has been a city leader since the late ’70s and can take credit for much of Irvine’s success.

Upon further review, it turns out Probolsky has been writing regular, frothy, non-partisan columns on every candidate running for a city office in Irvine this election season. Bully for that.

What’s got me scratching my dandruff maker is why the Register publishes any of this. A political consultant and pollster based in Irvine and earning a living through his relationship with key candidates and funders of the candidates is awful squishy.

Fortunately for Orange County’s largest daily, no one in Irvine gives a shit, which is why Agran’s had his way with the electorate for 30 years.

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