A Playlist for the 10th Anniversary of Facebook

Who would have guessed that fledgling way you first met your college classmates a decade ago would wind up becoming one of the defining characteristics of a generation. Yes, this week Facebook, formerly “The Facebook,” just turned 10. Do you feel old? Nostalgic? Poked? While your feed is probably full of those 10-year retrospective videos, we decided to chronicle the Facebook decade with some of the songs that shaped the Facebook experience along the way. This is our Facebook 10th Anniversary Playlist.


Aesop Rock – “Daylight”
Before Facebook had status updates, feeds or even photo albums, you had just the bare essentials to define your corner of the 'Book. Once upon a time, when Facebook was only open to college students, the pages were defined by what was commonly hot on college campuses at the time. Back when everyone's favorite movies were Napoleon Dynamite, Donnie Darko and Garden State, and there was a section for “intended Presidential vote,” one frequent “Favorite Quote” ruled them all. It was “Life's not a bitch, like is a beautiful woman. You only call her a bitch cause she wouldn't let you get that pussy” from Aesop Rock's “Daylight.” Whether paying homage or attempting to take credit for it, it was the code of arms for dorms coast-to-coast.

Paul Wall – “Internet Going Nutz”
Sometimes the arts do a great job capturing a time capsule of society at whenever they were created. One of Texas' favorite sons, Paul Wall, did just that for the social media landscape in 2005 with “Internet Going Nutz.” One year after Facebook broke, Mr. Wall immortalized it in lyrics and it's notable how it's just about the only social media platform he mentions that's not immediately dated and still thriving.

Michael Jackson – “Will You Be There”
The introduction of status updates and the Facebook feed in 2006 made for a constant realtime conversation with everyone we've ever met, allowing us to all share our perspectives on life-changing events at the same time. It also allows us to tip-toe through the gardens of each-others' nostalgia. In 2009 when news broke of Michael Jackson's death, the pop icon's impact on each of us as individuals became especially apparent with the influx of memories shared throughout the social feeds.

Bangs – “Meet Me On Facebook”
Facebook also allowed us to make stars out of whatever random crap makes us smile. There's no shortage of viral superstars who've caught fire thanks to Mark Zuckerberg's little site, one of which was rapper Bangs' “Take U 2 Da Movies.” After its explosion, he went back to the well once again for “Meet Me on Facebook.” Who can't relate to that?

Vega Choir – “Creep”
Of course, there came a time when Facebook had to have its own movie. The story of its humble beginnings and eventual cultural ubiquity had to be told, and what better than a classed up alternative rock standard to help deliver that message. Vega Choir's take on Radiohead's “Creep” entranced Facebook fans from The Social Networks' first trailer and went on to resonate with viewers as the theme from a defining moment that we're still feeling in our lives.

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