A Perfect Circle Officially Off-Hiatus

After six years of being on hiatus, “supergroup” A Perfect Circle is officially–no, seriously officially this time–working together again.

According to a Facebook status update from drummer (and former OC Weekly cover boy) Josh Freese posted a half-hour ago:

And just a few hours prior, guitarist Billy Howerdel updated his Twitter account with:

Fans have been waiting eagerly for more news since a 2008 The Pulse of Radio interview with frontman Maynard James Keenan. Keenan reported that he and Howerdel had been writing new material for A Perfect Circle–but that's pretty much all we heard from the band until some slightly cryptic updates that sent elation through APC's massive fan network were made on the official site, APerfectCircle.com, in mid-July:

2010-07-16 Stuff
…is happening. 

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