A Feast for the Eyes

Detroit-based illustrator Mark Dancey believes art isn't like food—it is food. “Light reflected from the pictures you see is converted into electrical current or 'Graphic Energy' when it enters the eyes, and the body uses this Graphic Energy to perform vital if somewhat disgusting functions every day of your life,” he explains. “Much like the artificial food available in a convenience mart, pictures that are poor in Graphic Energy can be filling, but within minutes cause the body to sag despondently. However, images high in Graphic Energy are—like a sumptuous banquet that someone else has paid for—exceedingly kind to the system, providing a lasting feeling of euphoric clarity, sublime potency and minty-fresh breath.” Dancey, who helped launch the magazine Motorbooty, has produced some of the Weekly's finest covers—art director Heather Swaim compares them to “Soviet propaganda posters. They're bold and funny, and sometimes a little pissed-off.”

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