“A Day Without Immigrants” Strike Spooks Out Anaheim Schools

UPDATE: 2/16/17 11:44A.M.

The Weekly has received word that a “significant amount” of students didn’t show up to class at Loara High School today. According to our source, “some classes only have two or three people.”


A national strike scheduled for today is influencing immigrant parents of students enrolled in OC schools. The strike, formally called “A Day Without Immigrants,” has been organized largely by word of mouth through social media channels and radio (remember that?) and was formed in response to the Trump administration’s recent executive order on immigration, currently stalled in a federal court.

The push has gotten all the way to Orange County, and more than a few businesses and organizations plan to participate, though those contacted by the Weekly declined to elaborate for fear of backlash because, you know, Orange County. But it’s gotten enough play that an Anaheim elementary school issued a memorandum to its staff yesterday morning, asking them to stress the importance of attending school to their students, despite any pressure their students may face to stay at home. This comes as the school received reports from parents and students alike indicating that “parents are planning on not sending students to school for political reasons.”

And then, there’s this robocall sent out this morning by the Anaheim City School District:

The district, of course, only cares about those students because of the money they represent when they show up to class. Where’s the leadership of board president Ryan Ruelas—an avowed Aztlanista—on this? Teachable moment! Get those kids marching, Ry-Ry!

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