95. Hot Pastrami Caesar Salad at Bruxie

Behold the beginning of our 100 Favorite Dishes of 2016 listicle! Every day through the publication of our Best Of 2016 issue (and sometimes, twice a day), we’ll be bringing you our favorite dishes across Orange County, leading up to the best in the land. Enjoy!

Salads can be a good thing . . .especially when they’re made with a protein besides chicken. And especially steak. Glorious steak. A steak salad is the best of both worlds. It’s a guilt-free meal you can’t argue with, unless it’s drowned in stupid amounts of creamy dressing, but we digress.

While the Bruxie chain is best known for their bold, folded sandwiches, there is one overlooked item we’ve been coming back to since it joined the menu last year. Pastrami Caesar sounds kinda cool, but does it deliver? It does when they’re grilling Boar’s Head branded meats! Hot and cool, salty and creamy, tender and crunchy. This new staple is our answer to a lower carb day.

The List:

96. Jalapeño Pupusas at Las Cazuelas 
97. Meatball Sliders at Fresh Brothers 
98. Buffalo Cauliflower at Mead’s Green Door Cafe
99. Raindrop Cake at Sunmerry Bakery
100. Doughrito at Surfin’ Donuts

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