9-Year-Old Dancing to 'Vogue' = Best Madonna Video in at Least 10 Years

​​What can be more entertaining than watching a 9-year-old shake his ass to Madonna's 1990 hit song “Vogue?” Not too much. According to numerous blogs, Robert Jeffrey danced in front of a blue screen cityscape at the Hampton Beach Casino in New Hampshire, lip-synching his favorite pop song. He recently posted the video in honor of the 20th anniversary of Madonna's Truth or Dare documentary and upcoming feature film W.E


​Nowadays, the 29-year-old is a screenwriter who, according to his Vimeo, still has a deep passion for Madonna, as well as enjoying film director Dario Argento and actresses Marilyn Chambers and Bette Davis. You must check out this clip and tell us if it's not the coolest/funniest way to experience Madonna's classic. I seriously don't know any choreography that can top it.

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