#77. Tofu Vegetable Salad at BCD Tofu House

We continue to countdown our 100 favorite dishes at local
restaurants. We'll be sharing these with you every weekday until our
annual Best Of Issue comes out. Enjoy!

#77. Tofu Vegetable Salad at BCD Tofu House

530 pixels are not enough to convey the sheer magnitude of this sumptuous salad, both in size and in flavor. Due to the nature of its environment (a Korean restaurant), this house specialty is often overshadowed by the variety of savory stew and BBQ combos on the menu. But if you have even the slightest affinity for fresh, organic produce or crispy-fried tofu, you might be missing out!


This platter consists of a tender mixture of Korean and red-tipped lettuce, spinach, dandelion greens and cherry tomatoes. The leafy greens are pre-tossed with a flavorful-yet-delicate apple
juice-based vinaigrette that maintains a perfect balance between sweet and savory. Because the dressing is light, there's no need to create additional work for yourself by ordering it on the side.

The veggies are piled high at the center of the plate and trimmed with numerous flash-fried triangles of lightly starched semi-soft tofu. The great thing about the tofu is that it somehow manages to stay deliciously crisp, even
while drenched in dressing. Also, garnishes may vary from location to location. Garden Grove's location (thankfully) uses halved cherries tomatoes as its instead of pimento olives.

Keep in mind that this is an entree salad, so the portion is
huge. The ideal way to approach it seems to be split among three people and accompanied by a couple combination orders. But if you feel like scaling
this mountain of tasty greens on your own, we wish you the best of luck!

BCD Tofu House
9520 Garden Grove Blvd.
Garden Grove, CA 92844

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