320 Main Collaborative Chef's Dinner This Monday

Whenever two or more chefs are gathered, you can (typically) expect drinking, colorful language and a lot of shop talk. Get five darn talented ones, and it turns into a party. A little birdie chirped about one such event going on next week. If you're looking for alternatives to next Friday's love fest, chew on this.


320 Main will be the stage for our main event. Six special courses, including cocktail pairings, can all be yours for a grand total of $135 (which includes tax and gratuity). Festivities begin at 6:30 p.m. with hors d'oeuvres and punch. Here's what you can expect, along with its corresponding talent.

Course one is Atlantic Orange Clam, with grilled leek, merguez, smoked almond milk and kumquat. It is presented by Michael Puglisi, the man behind the upcoming Electric City Butcher off Santa Ana's Fourth Street.

Jaime V. Carrano of 320 Main is making Sunchoke Bavarois. Bavarois is a traditionally sweet dessert, but this savory twist will include fennel, baby artichokes and a bergamot moussaline for some citrus flair.

Next up, Little Sparrow's Eric Samaniego shows us how Black Cod is best served, with sweet 'n spicy gochujang, crispy pig feet, compressed Asian pear and black lentils.

Our multicultural chef lineup continues with Chef Seakyeong Kim from Charlie Palmer at Bloomingdale's. His hearty contribution is a Spiced Liberty Farms Duck Breast, accompanied by buckwheat noodles, tiny vegetables and a Peking duck consomme.

Transitioning into dessert, there's a cheese course featuring Abbaye de Belloc, a firm sheep's milk variety. To finish, Pastry Chef Nasera Munshi of Little Sparrow Cafe is preparing a surprise.

For ticket information, please visit 320 Main's special events page at this link.

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