$3.14 Pizzas On Pi Day At Blaze And Prego

Cheap pizza and delicious pizza don't always cross paths. But when they do, there's a good chance it's Pi Day! Once you recover from (another) Friday the 13th, hit up one of these joints for a hot, cheesy slice.

The chain stepping up to the plate for this special occasion is none other than Blaze. One of the many DIY brands out there, their very first location was at UC Irvine. Our favorite toppings include crumbled meatballs and ovalini mozzarella. In addition to the fast fire'd sale, they're wanting to give folks an additional hook-up.


Every 314th guest who posts an Instagram shot with the hastag #blazepizza on Pi Day will earn 10 free pizza passes! We almost feel sorry for their social media person. Odds aren't as good as the lottery, but if you're already gonna be browsing the app . . .Find your nearest spot with this link.

That leaves us with the lovely folks at Prego Ristorante in Irvine. To be honest, we didn't expect an independently-owned establishment to entertain the idea. In addition to their lunch and brunch menus, guests can request a discounted personal pie without standing in line. Fancy that! Although this special does have a limited timeframe of 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. While the selection of toppings may not have the same diversity, we love the care put into each one. Who's getting hungry?

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