311 Talks About Band's Longevity

311 celebrated their 25th year as a band earlier this month. Now that the band has reached their 'silver' milestone, they are eligible to be added to the roster of influential bands from the '90s who are possible candidates for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction in 2016.

Here's why we think 311 should be inducted: the humble band — best known for their lively shows, ever-changing set lists, and close-knit fan base — has been livin' and rockin' with the same lineup for over 20 years and even has their own holiday (March 11) dubbed 311 Day. Since their early formation, the band has established themselves as a beacon of positive vibes and unity, marching to the beat of their own drum, and touring with an array of diverse opening acts to compliment their unique musical influences. Also: few bands tour more consistently than 311.

“The only time we took off was, I think, in 1998, S.A. Martinez told Weld. “We basically took that year off – we really had to. It was to the point where we were exhausted.”

To commemorate their silver anniversary, 311 released their ARCHIVE Box Set, a 4-CD collection featuring 81 tracks (including unreleased songs, demos, b-sides, and pre-production recordings) and a 60-page book of rare photos and 311 memorabilia.

This spring, 311 Day returns to New Orleans for a two-night concert extravaganza at Smoothie King Center (formally New Orleans Arena). Pre-sales begin in September. More info can be found on 311's website.

Here are some reasons each band member attributes to 311's longevity in the music industry. Quotation above via browardpalmbeach.com.


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