2018 World Beer Cup Results: Our Beer(s) of the Week!

Matt Franz and Brad Kominek from Noble Ale Works. Photo courtesy of Noble Ale Works Instagram.             

The 2018 World Beer Cup took place on May 3rd in Nashville, Tennessee and the results are in: Orange County rules! Congratulations to all our local breweries in recording the best WBC ever, a total of fourteen medals. The World Beer Cup was founded in 1996 to celebrate the art and science of brewing, including beers from all over the world. This year, 66 countries participated in the competition and 8,234 beers were entered and divided into 101 categories – the American style IPA being the most competitive with 377 entries followed by American Style Imperial IPA with 196 entries. And the winners are:

  • Hoparazzi Brewing Company- (Bronze) Chili Beer, Heat of the Night.
  • Green Cheek Beer Company- (Silver) American-style IPA, Radiant Beauty.
  • Brewery Rex- (Bronze) Berliner-style Weiss, Raspberry Rickey.
  • Barley Forge Brewing Company- (Silver) Field Beer, The Patsy.  
  • Bruery Terreux- (Gold) Wood & Barrel Aged Sour Beer, Train to Beersel.
  • Noble Ale Works- (Gold) Imperial IPA, Nobility.
  • Artifex Brewing- (Bronze) American Style Imperial Stout, HoliDAVE.
  • Docent Brewing- (Silver) American Style Pale Ale, Double Nickles.
  • Tustin Brewing Company- (Gold) Coffee Stout/Porter, Portola Breakfast Stout and American Wheat (Bronze), Clutches Wheat.
  • Beachwood BBQ and Brewing- (Silver) Sweet Stout/Cream Stout, Udder Love. (Silver) Coffee Beer, Pablo Escobeer. (Silver) Coffee Stout or Porter, Mocha Machine. (Bronze) American Black Ale, Hoppa Emeritus.

This winner’s list makes for a great guide to not only the best craft beer in Orange County but in the World! Cheers to all our breweries in Orange County and to everyone behind the kettles and kegs. Whoop! Whoop!

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